Since investments are carried out in various, often unfavourable terrain conditions and due to climate change, it is necessary to ensure the operational safety of new and existing facilities.

This is achieved by means of curtain and debris flow barrier systems. These are based on Nector HDMesh high strength double-twisted hexagonal meshes.

In rockfall curtains, mesh is fastened with rock nails made at the top of the slope. The mesh which is an anti-breakdown curtain hangs freely on the whole length of the slope. Gravity weights in the form of prefabricated concrete elements are attached to the lower, end part of the mesh-curtain.

Systemy zabezpieczeń przed odłamkami skalnymi Nector Polska
Systemy zabezpieczeń przed odłamkami skalnymi Nector

Rockfall barriers are designed as a kit containing support poles, wire ropes, rope lashings, anchors and rock or soil nails.

Carrying ropes are mounted on poles fixed to the rock slope or at the foot of the slope, on which high-strength double-twisted hexagonal steel mesh is stretched.

Depending on the required energy intensity of the barrier, elements with different strength parameters are used: poles of different cross-sections, ropes of different diameters and strengths, different types of nails.

Rockfall protection system technical specifications

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