Such meshes have been known for more than a century. They are manufactured from low-carbon steel wires. Due to easy wire deformability, they were initially (100 years ago) manufactured by hand.

They are used for the production of gabions, gabion mattresses, protection of earth structures against rodents and small animals, construction of aviaries. They can also be used as part of anti-erosion development of stable slopes.

The wires for their production are coated with anticorrosive coatings in several varieties: coarse zinc, eutectic zinc-aluminium alloy 95%Zn5%Al or 90%Zn10%Al or, additionally, each of the previously mentioned coatings can be covered with PVC, HDPE, PA6 or another UV-resistant polymer coating.

Wire mesh made of stainless steel wires is manufactured as a special product.

Siatki heksagonalne z drutu Rm 390-550

Rm 390-550 N/mm2 – wire double-twisted hexagonal mesh technical specifications

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