Nector is the first and only company in the world to produce special hexagonal meshes made of high strength stainless steel wire.

By using all wires in braid with Rm ≥ 1650 N/mm2 we obtain a homogeneous high strength mesh.

NectorHDMesh 3.65 basic hexagonal mesh made from 3.0 mm wire has a tensile strength of > 175 kN/m and puncture resistance of 230kN.

Depending on the wire diameter, but still with Rm>1650 N/mm2, we obtain meshes of various strengths.

These meshes are used for slope, embankment and rock slope protection systems, as part of rockfall barriers, against rock debris in aggressive environments where stainless steel will ensure a long lifespan.

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High-strength mesh from stainless-steel wire technical specifications

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