The world’s first and only double-twisted hexagonal meshes made of high-carbon wires. The wires are coated with an anti-corrosion layer in the form of a eutectic alloy of zinc and aluminium 95%Zn5%Al class A (depending on the diameter >215g/m2 for 2.0mm – >255 gm2 for 3.0mm).

By using Rm≥1770 N/mm2 wires, a homogeneous mesh of high strength is obtained.

Nector HDMesh3.65 basic double-twisted hexagonal mesh made from 3.0 mm wire has a tensile strength of > 205 kN/m and a puncture resistance of >240kN.

Depending on the wire diameter, but still using Rm≥1770 N/mm2, we can obtain meshes of various strengths.

These meshes are used for slope, embankment and rock slope protection systems, as part of rockfall barriers to prevent rock debris.

Siatki heksagonalne z drutu Nector HDMesh

Nector HDMesh Rm≥1770 N/mm2-wire double-twisted hexagonal mesh technical specifications

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